Report finds higher recidivism rates for youths in adult prisons

A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides further evidence that juvenile offenders who are placed in adult prisons are more likely to re-offend than those kept in the juvenile justice system. The study also found that these juveniles were likely to commit more violent crimes after their release. The Campaign for Youth Justice has also just released a report, Jailing Juveniles: The Dangers of Incarcerating Youth in Adult Jails in America” which details the risks young offenders face in adult prison, including higher rates of assault and suicide, and the danger of increased recidivism rates. It also contains suggestions for action at the state level. For more information, see CPA’s Juvenile Transfer Reform policy brief and model legislation. CPA’s Summit on the States will feature a workshop on juvenile justice reform (Sunday, December 9) as well as a breakfast discussion for conference attendees interested in the topic (Saturday, December 8). [Washington Post]