Election Results for Ballot Measures Prove Largely in Support of Progressives

Tuesday’s election contained a large number of voter initiatives and proposed state constitutional amendments. Here are the results for those issues:

Abortion Ban
The South Dakota proposed constitutional amendment to ban almost all abortions failed with a vote of 56 percent to 44 percent. This amendment would have been a direct challenge to the US Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade.

Gay Marriage Bans
The proposed ban on gay marriage in Arizona failed with a vote of 51 percent against and 49 percent for the amendment.

The Colorado proposal to legalize same-sex partnerships failed with a vote of 53 percent against to 49 percent for legalization.
The other six states with proposals to ban gay marriage all passed:
Idaho: 63% for, 37% against
South Carolina: 78% for, 22% against,
South Dakota: 52% for, 48% against,
Tennessee: 81% for, 19% against,
Virginia: 57% for, 43% against,
Wisconsin: 59% for, 41% against

These states join 20 others with bans on gay marriage.

Minimum Wage Hikes
All six states with proposals to raise the minimum wage approved them.

Arizona raised to $6.75 (66% for, 34% against),
Colorado raised to $6.85 (53% for, 47% against),
Missouri raised to $6.50 (76% for 24% against),
Montana raised to $6.15 (73% for, 27% against),
Nevada raised to $6.15 (69% for, 31% against),
Ohio raised to $6.85 (56% for, 44% against)

Smoking Bans

All three states with proposed smoking bans on the ballot passed strict proposals to ban smoking in all indoor public spaces.
Arizona (54% approval),
Ohio (58% approval),
Nevada (54% approval)

Stem Cell Approval

Missouri has passed a constitutional amendment protecting embryonic stem cell research with a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent.

Parental Notification

Both California and Oregon have rejected proposals to require a two-day waiting period and notification of parents before a minor may receive an abortion. In both states the measure lost in a vote of 54 percent against to 46 percent for the requirement.

Other Issues

Arizona has passed a proposition to make English the state’s official language with a vote of 74 percent for to 26 percent against the proposal.

Wisconsin has passed a nonbinding recommendation to reinstate the death penalty.

A proposal for $4 billion to be directed to the research and development of alternative energy has been rejected in California. The vote was 55 percent against to 45 percent for the funds.

For more information on the issues mentioned, read CPA’s policy briefs and model legislation on Freedom of Choice, GLBT Anti-Discrimination,Minimum Wage, Smoke-Free Workplaces, Stem Cell Research, and Renewable Energy