The domain stateaction.org has become incorporated. Until now, the information provided on this website was focused on the following topics:

The Center for Policy Alternatives will cease operations as a stand-alone, non-profit organization in April 2008. We want to take this opportunity to thank literally thousands of supporters who have contributed to CPA’s successful programs over the past 32 years and explain how we plan to continue the vital CPA programs that strengthen the capacity of state legislators to lead and achieve progress in the states.

At its meeting in Washington on December 7, 2007, the CPA Board unanimously adopted a plan to transfer its program expertise and assets to one or more appropriate tax-exempt, progressive-minded entities by the end of April 2008. Recognizing the high quality of CPA’s programs and their potential for much greater impact in effecting progressive policies at the state level, the Board plans to combine these programmatic assets with one or more partners so that they reach more state leaders.

Finding a strong organizational home for programs such as the Flemming Leadership Institute, the Summit on the States conference, and publications like the Progressive Agenda, all designed to build the capacity of progressive state legislators is the paramount objective. CPA’s programs are unique and effective and would add enormous value to one or more compatible, progressive organizations willing to adopt and expand them. CPA’s staff has over 40 years’ collective experience in helping progressive state legislators succeed, and CPA’s network of over 2,000 state legislators is an important part of the progressive infrastructure of the U.S.

CPA, a 501-c-3 tax-exempt organization, largely supported by foundations and labor unions, was founded in 1975 as the “National Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies.” Seven of its Flemming program graduates are currently Members of Congress. It has provided significant resources in establishing important, progressive, public policies at the state level, such as raising the minimum wage, providing paid leave for workers, reducing prices for prescription drugs, advancing the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans, curtailing racial profiling, ensuring reproductive justice for women, setting higher environmental-protection standards, reforming the juvenile justice system, and promoting universal health care coverage, among others.

As our talented staff members transition to other challenges in the progressive movement and our programs are adopted by other worthy nonprofit allies, we will keep the “CPA Network” informed. We send our sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you — state legislators, progressive advocates and organizers, labor union colleagues, foundation officers and individual supporters — with the assurance that our paths will cross again on our collective journey towards a world where all people are respected and public policies are based on the core values of freedom, opportunity and security for all. Keep up the good work!